Dating Korean Girls


Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Mary D. Kidd

No one will argue that Korean women are gorgeous and hard to resist. And if it is indeed your desire to date one of these beauties, then you should learn some vital information about them.

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Characteristics of Korean Girls

Old customs and culture are hard to ignore, that is why a lot of Korean girls are still expected to be the perfect housewife and take over all the house chores like cooking, washing, and looking after children. It is the men that are seen as the main providers for a family. But times are inevitably changing and more and more Korean women now have jobs outside the home. 


The majority of Korean women have a lovely, small and symmetrical feminine face. Also, the faces have this delicate v-line jaw. Their cute noses are rather narrow and mostly small and their bridges smoothly incline to a point. The eyes of Korean women are extremely mesmerizing. They predominantly have rich deep brown tones to them and make the smiles of their owners look very genuine and adorable. Korean girls have delicate mouths with equally sized top and bottom lips. Their cute smiles get even better with their straight, white teeth, a little bit puffy, rosy cheeks and small dimples. Specific attention deserves their pale, flawless porcelain skin. It sometimes seems to glow. Not that the really need this, but Korean girls like to use makeup in order to emphasize they are natural beauty. In addition to this, most Korean females have subtle hourglass figures and good postures. They have slim and fit looks.  Not a single man is able to ignore their long, slim legs, tiny waists, and round hips. 


Most of the Korean women are kind and humble. Their unique charisma makes them stand out. It is never a dull moment with them since they have a good sense of humor. Everyone wants to be around them just to get some of their powerful energy. They love adventures and will surely make you do the same. If you have a boring life, then you’ll have to say goodbye to it once you start dating a Korean girl. They always try to be social and active since it is essential for them to maintain their positive reputation. Their positive and optimistic personalities make them appear confident and attract a lot of men from all over the world. However, Korean girls do not forget about their modesty. The above-mentioned traits are perfectly balanced in Korean women. Koreans value respect, so being polite and respectful, particularly to anyone older than you, is especially important for them. They try to always be helpful and caring for younger. Also, a not less important fact is that Korean women value family so having a good relationship with parents and siblings is crucial for them. The good character of Korean girls is also confirmed by the fact that they are very hard-working and their education means a lot for them.

They are Extremely Caring

Korean girls know that sharing common interests are the foundation of many successful relationships. So they will always be there for you to support and encourage you at anything you do. They wouldn’t miss a chance to help with anything they can. You can expect them to be there for you to cheer you up. They know that compassionate, showing support and encouraging their boyfriends are a huge part of creating a happy and stable relationship. You definitely can’t say that they are egoistic as some attractive women from the West maybe. Korean women are approachable and friendly.

They Work Hard

Korean women work really hard and spare no effort to reach their goals and to fulfill their dreams. They understand that they need to work hard if they want to have a good career which in the future will bring them good money. So do not expect a Korean wife to idly mess around while you are making some money.


A lot of western are curious about the attitude of girls from South Korea towards foreigners. The truth is that Korean girls have no problems with integrating with a foreign man from any country. In fact, they have all the needed confidence for that. They are extremely comfortable with a mixed-race relationship and have nothing against it. They are even eager to have such an adventurous experience to meet a foreigner and establish a relationship with him.

Good Appetite 

Firstly, a good appetite is considered by many as a sign of health. Secondly, you will certainly be pleased that your Korean girl does not talk about the diet and the harmfulness of certain products all the time, but shares your love for delicious food. With a Korean girlfriend, you will not have such problems as some men with good appetite do when they sit at the table with their woman, who pouts her lips, complaining about how she can ruin her figure because of the food you eat.

How to Date a Korean Girl

Over time all the boundaries had been erased and Korean women developed a taste for Western men. That is why Korean online dating site keeps on gaining their huge popularity. So what kind of man will a Korean girl prefer on an online dating site?

Almost everyone associates a Korean woman with amazing cuteness, but not everyone is familiar with their high self-esteem. These are women who know what they want and how to achieve it. Which men do they prefer? This article reveals the secrets of the charm of Korean beauties and gives you a piece of advice. 

Little Flirtation

Some Korean women love to flirt and crave the attention of men, sometimes even while being in a relationship, though they do not plan on cheating on their partner. This is a kind of social game in which no one promises anything to anyone. For both men and women, such laid-back communication perfectly raises self-esteem. Though very few of Korean women are willing to cross the forbidden line, putting their marriage at risk. So do not hesitate to flirt with a Korean woman. They like to tease their man that is why they sometimes play hard to get. They appreciate the men who are not afraid to put some effort into relationships. But if you patient enough you will be rewarded with loyalty and most importantly love.

Surprise Her

Surprise your sweetheart with a small but pleasant gift with and without a reason for that. Try to remember what was the last thing that she admired greatly, perhaps, a beautiful scarf, a book that she recently read, or just some sweets. These things should be perfect ideas for your gifts for her. You’ll certainly be happy and delightful because of her reaction, once you surprise her with a little gift. 

Support Her Endeavors

Try not only to listen carefully to the girl you are dating but also actively support her decisions. For example, if your girlfriend decided to quit her job – show her your support and understanding and, believe me, this will be appreciated. She is going to like the fact that you try to always be there for her to support and encourage her. It is very important for her to know that at a difficult time she can lean on your strong shoulder.

Listen to Her Carefully 

Be an attentive listener, and this will help you figure out what else you can do in order to win over the heart of the girl you like. Always ask her about her hobbies and interests or the things she experiences difficulties with. This will help you to understand each other easily and will make your communication more interesting. Sometimes it’s important to find a solution to the problem together. Try to listen without interrupting her or trying to give advice right away. If a topic seems boring to you, ask questions to turn the story in an interesting way for both of you.

Your attentiveness will boost the girl’s self-confidence; she will eventually trust you with her life. Communicating in such a manner will give you and your Korean girlfriend a feeling of reliability and communication will be a joy to both of you.

Literacy Is Important 

Many Korean women like to read and are interested in literature in general. So the first thing that draws their attention to the potential candidate is his competent speech and the absence of spelling errors, which, most likely, indicates a good education of the candidate. And attractive appearance, oddly enough, will be only in second place after spelling.

Be Original

Korean women expect an individual approach and originality from men – it is impossible to attract them with banal compliments. And ultimately they will give preference to successful men with a good profession, who know firmly what they want from life.

Know Your Own Worth

Confident and self-respecting Korean women prefer men who show a genuine interest in them and do not behave like self-confident and narcissistic machos. An ideal candidate to continue the relationship with should be tastefully dressed, be able to choose a nice place for a first date, and, of course, come without delay.