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Korean women are really the sweetest. They are tender, intelligent, loyal, and everything else that comes to your mind when you think about the most perfect girlfriend in the world. Because of their strong family values, they make great wives and mothers. Taking into account all the facts, you should not be surprised when you come to South Korea and see lots of Korean women holding hands with foreigners. Korean women love interracial dating as well as you do! It is exotic and simply interesting to experience intercultural dating in order to see a country from another perspective.

Korean Dating

So if you are interested in dating a Korean lady, you need to know where to find a Korean lady. You can come to Korea and get acquainted with someone there. But note that you can`t just come up to some random girl in the coffee shop, make small talk, and ask for a number. It is considered to be rude and it scares Korean ladies. You can get to know someone only through your other friend. So before getting a girlfriend, you need to get a bunch of friends first.

Fortunately, there is such a thing as Korean American dating sites where you can meet the love of your life without even coming to Korea. As you might know, Koreans spend lots of time on the Internet and their phones are basically glued to their hands, so you can be sure that she will be online anytime and your communication will never fail. One more pro – you don`t need to wait for a text back. Instant messaging means literary instant in Korea.

So as a good person I am, I am going to share a bunch of the best Korean American dating sites!

Best American Korean Dating Sites


KoreanCupid is the site that has 500.000 users and a 4.8/5 rate. It`s very hard to maintain such a perfect rate with that many users so it means that users of the site are really satisfied with the services they get. If statistic doesn’t seem very convincing to you, then I have a whole list of features that I love about the site!

Easy Registration

In order to join the website AsiaCharm, you need to state:

  • your name
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • password

Yes, it is as easy as that. Then you can go through a questionnaire so that the matching system can get to work.

They Help You to Write a Profile

Actually creating a profile is highly important in the world of online dating. If you are asked to “write something about you”, the first thought that probably crosses your mind – I hate it, and I don`t know who I am anymore. KoreanCupid staff decided to help you – they have created a questionnaire that reveals a lot about you with the minimum of efforts.

Search System

It is another feature I love about the site – the search system allows you to narrow the search as much as possible so you don`t have to waste time looking at thousands of profiles. The site does your job for you – they give you the best matches, and you can pick the best of the best. They even have tags and popular topics.

Almost Free

It is not common for Korean American dating sites to give access to instant messaging for free. Here you can respond to the messages and spend not a single cent. However, if you want to be the one who starts a conversation – you need to buy a membership


AsianFeels team are the people who definitely know how to do their job. They have created an amazing interface, good matching system, but I adore their communication features the most. On this site you can communicate with your chosen ladies in these ways:

  • Send an instant message
  • Send an email (very romantic)
  •  VideoChat
  • Send a virtual or real-life gift
  • Organize a date
  • Ask for contact information

As you see, possibilities are pretty impressive and are aimed to get you as close to your significant other as it is possible via the Internet.


People describe this site as almost perfect (which is the highest compliment possible really), and I totally agree. This site is absolutely safe, and I can`t stress enough how important it is for a dating website. AsianMelodies provide you with

Incredible Antiscam Policy

Every single account is verified which can be rarely seen on dating sites. Verified means that a lady showed her ID and staff checked that her photos match the reality (on other sites it is pretty common that women upload photos from 10 years ago or the photos that are severely photoshopped)

Financial Security

The site uses the PCI DSS security standard which means that it increases controls around your data in order to reduce credit card fraud. On AsianMelodies you can be absolutely sure that your money won`t go anywhere you don`t want them to go


The protection of your personal data is really important as well. And AsianMelodies staff took care of that!

Protection From Viruses

They use McAfee Secure in order to protect you from viruses, phishing attacks, and other things that can harm you and your computer.

Great Korean Singles

Last but not least. The site staff made sure that you have a great variety of choices and the best experience while looking for them. So don`t hesitate and sign up now!

These were the Korean American dating sites out there. As you can see, they are easy to use and surprisingly safe that`s why all stereotypes about online dating must have been already gone, I hope. So now I suppose, it is just the right time to start your dating adventure!


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