Korean Interracial Dating

Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Mary D. Kidd

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Dating a Korean lady sounds like a mere dream. Her tender beauty attracts your eye from the very moment she enters the room. She is so fragile with her porcelain skin, ink-black hair, sensual lips, and skinny figure that make her look like a doll. You want to protect this woman immediately. But Korean lady is so much more than her outer beauty. She makes not less than a perfect wife. A Korean woman is so smart that you will never get bored. She is so loyal that you can be sure that your heart will never get broken. Her family-oriented views make her the best mother.

This is no surprise that men from all over the world are ready to give everything they have to try Korean interracial dating out. If having a Korean girlfriend is a matter of great interest to you then keep reading and find out everything you want and need to know about Korean interracial dating.

Where Do I Start? 

At first, you need to find your girlfriend, right? Of course, you can come to Korea, live there for a while, and find your partner eventually. Please, don’t forget some perks of Korean dating culture. It is not common to meet women in the coffee shops and ask for their numbers. It shows your rudeness and disrespect towards a lady. So the only way you can meet the life of your life is with the help of… friends! Yeah, before getting to know ladies, you have to get to know their friends. The phrase „You know what? I have a friend who you might like“ is very popular among friends.

Thanks to the mighty Internet, your search can get much more comfortable. Have you ever considered online dating? If not, you should definitely try this option out! You don’t have to wait when your friends will introduce you to someone – registration and filling out the profile is all you need to start looking for your significant other.

Best Korean Interracial Dating Sites 


This dating site has an excellent option – reply to the messages are completely free. It means that if you are not the one who initiates conversation, you don’t have to pay! They have another great free feature – you can send hearts and show your interest to someone in such a way.


From the very name, it is evident that they have a lot of charming Asians. Actually, according to the statistics of the site, there are more females than males which, to be honest, is very rare among online dating sites. The site interface is charming as well – it is straightforward and easy to navigate. The thing I adore the most about the site is the way the profiles of women are created.

They should come to the agency where they show their ID (in order to protect you from fraud and spam profiles), and they get a full-blown professional photo session. That means that you won’t see any photos that were taken with the help of the toaster or some that were taken years ago and don’t meet the reality anymore. Women are asked numerous questions, so their profiles tell everything about them and you can know immediately if she is the one.


This site offers you numerous ways of communication with your choices lady! You can:

Send Instant Message

It’s the easiest and the most popular way to start a conversation. You can send a simple hello or spend some time reading the profile of a lady and ask for more details about her hobbies or start discussing her favorite book.

Send an Email

Many people underestimate emails, but it is actually much more romantic.

Send a Gifts

Confirm your serious intentions by sending a gift! Flowers or chocolates can light up her day, and they’ll make her think of you constantly.

Organize a Date

If you feel like you’ve found the love of your life – staff will help you to find a flight, good accommodation, and a perfect date idea! The translators may be provided as well.

So let’s imagine that you’ve found a great lady you can’t wait to meet, what’s next?


Perks of Korean Interracial Dating

Is it possible for an interracial couple to fit in? Our answer is yes! It is not a secret that Korea develops really fast. They change their attitude to the concept of relationship as it is, and eventually, their views on interracial dating start changing as well. Some years ago Korean women were very afraid to go out with interracial partners in public. We’ve talked to Eun-Mee, a Korean woman who is happily married to an American for almost five years, and she describes her experience so:

 “I’ve met Paul on (dating site). We’ve fallen in love immediately. You know that feeling you get when you meet your soulmate. Your heart just seems to know it. After a month we couldn’t wait any longer, and he arrived in (Korean city). Just so you know – my family and friends didn’t consider us dating as something bad. They were just happy because I was happy. So when Paul and I went out, and I was looking at him with heart-eyes, one man came up to us and told me that I am a slut. I couldn’t understand what’s wrong. So I looked around and there they were – all the middle-aged men looked at me like I betrayed the whole country.

I started panicking and crying, but Paul was so sweet – he took me elsewhere and managed to calm me down. He said that he expected this, but I was so eager to have our first date at this restaurant that he couldn’t say no to me. Then we started to go to less crowded places, and things went back to normal. However, I was still uncomfortable sometimes, because such a normal thing as holding hands in public was still unavailable. That’s why we agreed on moving to the States, and now I can’t even describe how happy I am that we went through it. This experience made us fall in love all over again.”


Fortunately, things for interracial couples are getting so much easier now! Seeing American and Korean kissing and holding hands on the streets of Seoul is becoming standard. People are getting used to interracial marriages, and happy Australians and Koreans can be seen in wedding halls. However, if you are still afraid of being stared at, the decision of the problem is much easier than you can imagine. Take your wife to your home country and enjoy all perks of being in the relationship with a Korean beauty like Eun-Mee and Paul did.