Korean Dating Culture

Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Mary D. Kidd

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Interracial dating is always a fun thing to try. I mean, you experience the culture from a brand new point of view, your date will show you the most beautiful places that you’ve never seen in a tour guide, and it’s just so exciting to notice how dating etiquette differs dramatically between cultures. Today I want to show you a world of Korean dating culture, and because Korean culture is particular, this guide will save you from awkward situations.

How to Find a Date?

This tip is one of the most important, I guess. You can’t go on a date if you don’t have a partner. So the first thing you should know – coming up to a Korean girl and having a small talk is not a good thing to try. Koreans might be somewhat reserved, so she will get scared or think that you don’t respect her enough. Commonly, you get acquainted with friends. Friends in Korea works like tinder – they will tell that they have a friend who may be interesting to you, and if you like the description, Koreans will set you up for a date. That is why gaining as many friends as possible is your ticket into the dating world in Korea.

However, if you are not into getting to know someone through friends, you can use actual online dating platforms. Taking into account the fact that Koreans are always on their phones, it is not a big surprise that the Internet became a common way to get acquainted. 

Best Korean Dating Sites 

  • AsianFeels
  • LoverWhirl
  • RomanceTale
  • AsianCharm

Meeting Korean Women

Let’s imagine that you’ve already found someone, and the next question is what date you should have. I’ve prepared a small list of date ideas for any season of the year, so enjoy!

Watch a Movie

Like in any other countries watching a movie is one of the most popular dating traditions.


It is something more peculiar. Korean karaoke is slightly different from the ones we’ve got used to. You don’t need to sing in front of strangers. Instead, you have a room for yourself and you can forget about the fear of stage. Taking into account that system it’s easy to understand why karaoke became one of the most interesting and common dating ideas.

Go Shopping

Don’t give up this idea too fast! Shopping doesn’t mean buying. You can just get a bit crazy and try out clothes you would never wear like a hat with long fluffy feathers or skinny pink jeans. You can mix shopping with a cute coffee shop session or some authentic drinks in the bar.

Korean Barbecue

It’s the classic of Korean culture itself and dating as well. Everyone likes Korean barbecue – it means amazing sauces and tender grilled meat. The atmosphere of a Korean barbecue is vivacious and cozy. So grab your date, reserve a table and have the best and tastiest date in your life!

Who Pays the Bill?

This is a tricky question in every country, and South Korea’s dating culture is not an exception. Moreover, it differs from person to person. People may expect you to pay the bill, but some don’t even pay attention to such things. I have a tip you can rely on, though – nobody will beat you up for the offer! Offer to pay the first bill and watch how it goes. It is common that you pay the first one, she pays the second, and then it’s your turn again. As easy as that!

Be Ready to Share

Don’t you like when someone takes food from your plate? Bad for you! Korean love sharing food. Eating a bowl of bingsu(dessert) together is a very popular Korean date idea, and many restaurants serve dishes for the two people. Sharing is considered to be very romantic, and it shows what a caring and generous person you are.


Korean dating culture is very specific about PDA. Holding hands is an okay thing to do, but kissing on the lips and sweet embraces should be definitely reserved for private matters. Koreans have another cute way of showing the status of a couple – they wear matching outfits or have matching phone cases. It may seem strange to you, but when you arrive in Korea, you will see that it is a social norm.

However, you don’t do such things on the second date or so – save this kind of public display of affection for a more serious relationship.

Being Cute Is Manly

Dating a Korean girl means doing cute things together. They love giving flowers so much that you can find flower shops on every corner and there are even flower machines. Cute emojis, candies, and pink cafés are standard as well – it doesn’t harm your masculinity in any way possible.


Dating in Korea is closely connected with social media and instant messaging. It means that you should forget about three days rule. Answer her messages and check on her – this will show your caring. Otherwise, she will understand your ignoring as you having zero interest, and it’s not what we are striving for, right? So check your phone frequently, and don’t be ashamed to answer the message with lightning speed.


Korean couples have lots of anniversaries. They count not in month though (which makes it more complicated really). They celebrate 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1000 days. By the way, it is pretty common to exchange rings for the 100-day anniversary. The circle doesn’t have the same meaning as in Europe or the USA, it is just a way to show your affection, and no marriage is considered.

This was everything you need to know about Korean dating culture. As you can see, it is not all that complicated, but there are some things you should consider while dating a Korean girl. I wish your dates to be perfect and your date to be as beautiful and tender as it can be!