Korean Dating Apps

Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Mary D. Kidd

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Sometimes it may happen that you experience some trouble with dating in Korea, especially if you a foreigner. If it is your desire to make new acquaintances or build a relationship with some beautiful Korean girl or find your perfect match then these dating apps will probably help you and make everything easier for you. 

South Korean Dating Apps

South Korean dating apps are primarily focused on exclusivity and anonymity. One of the most popular applications in South Korea – Amanda – attracts users with its status: registration is possible only after approval from current users. This selectivity makes people prove that they are worthy to join this closed club. Also, new users specify their preferences, and the application recommends people with similar interests and those who appreciated them. To see which user rated 5 stars, you need to pay, so Amanda is among the topmost profitable apps in South Korea.

Other popular Korean dating apps, NoonDate, I-UM, and You and I, are focused on providing limited access. NoonDate recommends two users within the selected geolocation (Seoul for example) once a day, I-UM – twice a day. You and I allow you to view 16 profiles and choose one among them. Restrictions on viewing and bring the main profit to applications.

These applications are characterized by a high degree of anonymity. For example, Amanda does not show profiles to friends from the user’s phone book, and it takes a long verification process to register with I-UM.

It is worth noting that, despite the popularity, Korean dating apps are not welcomed by Korean culture.

Lots of Koreans prefer online dating sites. They like them because of their trustworthiness. That means that each of the sites has transparent safety and price policy. Here is the list of the most reliable ones:

  • AsiaCharm
  • AsianFeels
  • AsianMelodies

Each of the sites has a customer support team that works on a 24-hour basis. In addition to this, every site has a mobile app so that you could conveniently use the online dating platform. 

Popular Dating Apps in Korea

Despite the huge amount of Korean dating app for foreigners, there are undeniable world leaders in dating apps. 

So, here is the list of 3 most popular dating apps: 

  • Tinder.
  • Badoo
  • Bumble



It is popular in the region, which means a large selection of partners.


  • There is no user verification, that is, there is no guarantee of the authenticity of the user’s photos.
  • There are no filters for finding a partner, which may reduce the effectiveness of the search.

Tinder provides paid features that allow you to see the girls who rated you (by default, the girl’s profile opens only with mutual sympathy). In general, it is very convenient. There is a selection of top profiles from which you can rate girls without restrictions. And also one boost, which displays your profile at the top for half an hour. Efficiency is quite high. Remember to turn it on at the appropriate time. For example, on Friday or Saturday evening. The most profitable solution is to wait until a large number of users who liked your profile and then purchase a monthly subscription. There is also a suspicion that the application contains fake accounts. The authenticity of the profile, in this case, is the linking of the Instagram service to it.



  • A detailed description of profiles
  • Availability of partner search filters
  • There is a profile search mode on a small scale, which allows you to cut off girls unattractive to your taste in advance
  • Verification of profiles
  • New users have increased chances


  • Fewer users in the region in comparison with Tinder.

New users have an increased chance of success among the opposite sex. In the first week, profile activity is very high. It’s convenient to filter profiles, which allows you to search for a partner very efficiently. Subscribing is cheaper than in Tinder. It is recommended to purchase a subscription for the first couple of weeks after registration. After this period, activity disappears. The growth of new users is very slow. Over time, efficiency fades.



  • A detailed description of profiles
  • Verification of profiles
  • The filters are available 
  • After mutual sympathy, if a girl wants to chat, she writes first, and as for the guys, they have limited access. This factor limits the endless stream of messages from guys, which increases the girl’s loyalty to the chosen one.

An interesting concept is based on the expectation that people will be more careful about the description of their profile, in comparison with Tinder. But the lack of a large number of users reduces the effectiveness of the application.


Each application has its pros and cons. At the very beginning of using applications, there is a sincere desire to be creative, to try to make a good impression. So sometimes your attempts may result in being ignored by the person you chat with. Everything is very individual, and making unambiguous conclusions is pointless here. However, a lot of studies confirm that marriages created after dating online last longer than the usual one and people in them feel happier.

Hopefully, dating applications will become more effective and in the future will make our life even more comfortable.